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It’s nice to be reading positive words from various bloggers on the #Earth101 book blog tour. Some are asking if there will be another book, to expand on the universe?

The answer is simply, “Yes!”

While Earth 101 is a 100% standalone book, and does not require a sequel, there are unanswered questions. But more importantly, there are answers to those questions the reader may not have thought of, or never will.

No spoilers here!

But why the DELETING? To hide a secret?

Of course not.

Jayne raises the question in #101. Why bother deleting people when everyone will be gone soon?

There is a much more sinister reason for the Deleters to erase people and that will be discovered in Earth 201.

I’ve always known how this story ends and that will occur in the second book, which I am currently working on.

The end of the story has been hinted upon in Earth 101, but discretely. It’s a good ending and I look forward to reading the first draft of this, assuming I can see through the tears. 😀

I can’t imagine there will be an Earth 301, but you never know what may come out in the wash of #201.

We’ll see.

Never say never. 😀

Yes, I am catching up with my posts and good news.

I went and won a second award for Earth 101 – Time to Run from the lovely people at https://www.speakuptalkradio.com/

I have been award The Firebird Book Award for the Sci-Fi / Time Travel category.

It goes without saying, I am thrilled at receiving a second award before Earth 101 is published and my huge thanks go to the amazing team at Book Award Pro https://tinyurl.com/BookAwardPro.

You can work on various approaches with Book Award Pro and either keep the award submission process all manual, or let them help you out. There are not enough hours in the day for me, so I know I can trust the team to pinpoint the best candidate awards and build my submission package.

Check them out!

But back to that award. I love an image so here it is:

Either award is a huge thumbs-up and two independent awards a massive boost.

I’ve had so much doubt about “Is my book good enough?”

Well, yes. It is.

Thankfully, this week has continued as I originally planned.


I don’t want a load of shouting and noise around my book, but I do like the thought of whispers.

The two weeks leading up to go-live were somewhat hectic, as an early ARC reader discovered some crazy errors in the text. I finally realise what has happened there.

When reviewing the document in MS Word, I hadn’t “accepted” or “rejected” all amendments. Hence echoes of changes or errors were still evident.

Lesson learned.

The book blog tour, managed by Zoé at https://zooloosbookdiary.co.uk/, is going along perfectly, with some lovely reviews from the respective bloggers. I will collate the links to all of these once the tour ends and create a page on here accordingly.

A big shout out to the peeps at Amazon KDP, Ingram Spark, Draft2Digital and Smashwords for their seamless publication processes.

The audiobook is still in the distribution stage, so I am hopeful it will launch at the end of August. I don’t mind this, though, as a gap between the book and audio version is good.

Otherwise, I’m just observing the release and reviewing the lessons learnt from the various aspects of the publishing lifecycle.

I must admit, the publishing aspect is gratifying. And I know I have to kick off the marketing stage soon, but not for another month.

The book has a planned and defined release strategy, and I’m at stage 1 of about 30 levels.

So, some time to go yet.

Someone asked this on Twitter the other day: “Sell me your book without selling me your book.”

And I responded, “You’re not allowed to buy my book!”

That is the truth.

I’m not going to ask anyone to buy my book. I don’t want everyone to buy my book.

My book is for an exceptional group of people. No-one else.

Should you belong to this select few, I hope you enjoy it.

Yes, I can now make that boast.

My debut novel, Earth 101 – Time to Run, has been nominated for an award (actually several awards now) and has gone and won an award with Literary Titan. Better still, it is their Gold Award for July 2021.


I am honoured and amazed!

The notification came from the lovely people at Book Award Pro https://tinyurl.com/BookAwardPro who have managed the nomination process effortlessly, including handling the several revisions I have made to the final MS lately.

But yes, I’ve gone and ticked the “Award Winning” box, and I hope there will be another, now that my debut is due for release from the 20th July 2021.

Very exciting! And so thankful from this debut writer.

Well I was delighted to receive an email in the early hours not long ago, advising I had received a glowing five star book review from the people at Literary Titan, for my debut novel, Earth101 – Time to Run.

This certainly blew my socks out as while I had been nominated for one of their awards, I didn’t know a bonus to this is a review.

So, here it is.

Here’s the corresponding link: https://literarytitan.com/2021/06/18/earth-101-time-to-run/

Little did I realise what was to follow after this…