Emae Church


Thankfully, this week has continued as I originally planned.


I don’t want a load of shouting and noise around my book, but I do like the thought of whispers.

The two weeks leading up to go-live were somewhat hectic, as an early ARC reader discovered some crazy errors in the text. I finally realise what has happened there.

When reviewing the document in MS Word, I hadn’t “accepted” or “rejected” all amendments. Hence echoes of changes or errors were still evident.

Lesson learned.

The book blog tour, managed by Zoé at https://zooloosbookdiary.co.uk/, is going along perfectly, with some lovely reviews from the respective bloggers. I will collate the links to all of these once the tour ends and create a page on here accordingly.

A big shout out to the peeps at Amazon KDP, Ingram Spark, Draft2Digital and Smashwords for their seamless publication processes.

The audiobook is still in the distribution stage, so I am hopeful it will launch at the end of August. I don’t mind this, though, as a gap between the book and audio version is good.

Otherwise, I’m just observing the release and reviewing the lessons learnt from the various aspects of the publishing lifecycle.

I must admit, the publishing aspect is gratifying. And I know I have to kick off the marketing stage soon, but not for another month.

The book has a planned and defined release strategy, and I’m at stage 1 of about 30 levels.

So, some time to go yet.

Someone asked this on Twitter the other day: “Sell me your book without selling me your book.”

And I responded, “You’re not allowed to buy my book!”

That is the truth.

I’m not going to ask anyone to buy my book. I don’t want everyone to buy my book.

My book is for an exceptional group of people. No-one else.

Should you belong to this select few, I hope you enjoy it.

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