Cast of Earth 101

This is a bit of fun, but this is how I see the individual characters of my debut novel, Earth 101.

The story features two races: Humans and Koyorads.

Seventeen-year-old Jayne, is the lead MC and this is her story.

Aithen is the love-interest and the guy who’s about to turn Jayne’s world well and truly on its head. His violet eyes define him as a Kurzite.

Akeirlah is Aithen’s sister and her green eyes are indicative of a Koruzyte.

Erek is the story’s principle antagonist. His black eyes define him as a Kordet, or more appropriately A Deleter.

Reiyarlah made an appearance in an earlier draft of the story, but all is not lost.

She has the potential to appear in a sequel. I’ve included her here, as she is one

of my favourite, missing characters. Her brown-gold eyes, define her as a Koryed.