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Yes, I am catching up with my posts and good news.

I went and won a second award for Earth 101 – Time to Run from the lovely people at https://www.speakuptalkradio.com/

I have been award The Firebird Book Award for the Sci-Fi / Time Travel category.

It goes without saying, I am thrilled at receiving a second award before Earth 101 is published and my huge thanks go to the amazing team at Book Award Pro https://tinyurl.com/BookAwardPro.

You can work on various approaches with Book Award Pro and either keep the award submission process all manual, or let them help you out. There are not enough hours in the day for me, so I know I can trust the team to pinpoint the best candidate awards and build my submission package.

Check them out!

But back to that award. I love an image so here it is:

Either award is a huge thumbs-up and two independent awards a massive boost.

I’ve had so much doubt about “Is my book good enough?”

Well, yes. It is.

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