Emae Church


It’s nice to be reading positive words from various bloggers on the #Earth101 book blog tour. Some are asking if there will be another book, to expand on the universe?

The answer is simply, “Yes!”

While Earth 101 is a 100% standalone book, and does not require a sequel, there are unanswered questions. But more importantly, there are answers to those questions the reader may not have thought of, or never will.

No spoilers here!

But why the DELETING? To hide a secret?

Of course not.

Jayne raises the question in #101. Why bother deleting people when everyone will be gone soon?

There is a much more sinister reason for the Deleters to erase people and that will be discovered in Earth 201.

I’ve always known how this story ends and that will occur in the second book, which I am currently working on.

The end of the story has been hinted upon in Earth 101, but discretely. It’s a good ending and I look forward to reading the first draft of this, assuming I can see through the tears. 😀

I can’t imagine there will be an Earth 301, but you never know what may come out in the wash of #201.

We’ll see.

Never say never. 😀

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