Emae Church


I’ve decided I need a physical reset after more than a year of (COVID) lockdown eating and divulgence.

My body feels out of synch; I feel out of synch.

Hence, I’ve been investigating extreme fasting as detox, and I’m going all in.

This means not a single morsel of food for seven days. After that, I’ll allow myself water, obviously or else there will be some severe organ failure
consequences. I’ll also let myself cups of tea throughout the day. I have the smallest amount of milk in my tea and only a single tablet sweetener.

So, I should be good to go there.

I’ve completed keto diets in the past, where I’ve lived on between 500 and 600 calories per day. Hence, I’m used to controlled starvation methods.

I commenced this plan yesterday, 3rd July 2021, and as standard, day one was easy. So, day two rolls on, and I’m not expecting anything out of
the ordinary. However, I often fast for the first few days of a keto diet, so I reckon the real test will kick in from day four.

Once I complete the fast, I will slip into the very-low-calorie keto diet and purge the extra pounds I have gained over many months. But, of course, the
diet I follow gives me all the vitamins and such I need, so no concern.

I’m pretty excited about this experiment. It’s a first for me to fast for a whole week.

Let’s see how it goes.

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