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Few Earth humans have ventured over to the planet’s local astral satellite, locally referred to as The Moon.

Here’s a list of those who have paid a visit to the Earth’s companion:

Who Walked on the Moon?

Who Orbited the Moon?

[Ref: Who has Walked on the Moon? – NASA Solar System Exploration]

[Accessed via Google: 21st February 2022]

Does anything obvious stand out from the lists above?

In Earth 101 – Time to Run, our protagonist, Jayne, orbits the Moon. So naturally, there is the offer to venture down to the surface. But having just discovered her new boyfriend is an alien from forever lightyears away, Jayne is somewhat reluctant and still coming to terms with the impossible.

When I presented an early draft of the story to my editor, she was pretty shocked to learn no female astronauts (or cosmonauts) had popped across to The Moon.

2024 could see an amendment to this fact.

But, in the meantime, Jayne holds first place for that achievement.



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