Emae Church


On the weekend of the 24th February 2019, I sat with my family watching with excitement, America’s Got Talent – The Champions. And that night was the final. Who’s favourite amongst us would win? It was such a lovely night of warmth and excitement, and I honestly believe it was the best evening I had spent with my family, after many years of me existing, detached from everything and everyone in this world. That evening, I honestly believe my cloud of depression had finally passed. We were all so close and happy.

Little did I realise that was the last family night I would experience.

Roll on a week or two later, and my partner and I had the talk. The outcome was divorce.

I agree in full we need to separate: way too much toxic water under that bridge. And it’s nice we will part as friends and not enemies. But a month on, since that happy night of the 24th, I’m somewhat sad as I reflect on the smiling faces of anticipation, as Shin Lim was crowned the Champion; and deservedly so.

Move on I must.

I’m in that limbo-land at the moment, living through the last-ness of it all, with my current life; waiting to move into my new apartment and restart the engines of future potential.

I’m querying Earth 101 to a very select group of agents, so maybe one will be interested enough to ask for a further sample? You never know.

As I reflect on the past month, I also finished listening to Mike Chen’s, “Here and Now and Then.” There are so many things I would alter, given a chance to pop back in time, but most of all, I’d change myself.




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