Emae Church


The two great brothers;
Towering tall.
The twin pinnacles of commerce.
Nothing will make them fall.

Their armour is seen,
Shining from far away.
But the strength of that shield,
Is tested this day…

Grab the last coffee.
Kiss goodbye and off to work.
The MD; the Janitor;
The Fireman; the Clerk.

The floors are filling.
The meeting rooms booked.
But what’s that in the distance?
Has anybody looked?

It no longer matters,
If you’re early or late.
Whether you remembered that Birthday card,
For your office mate.

The Tower shudders,
And cries out in pain.
Its steel robes rip apart,
By the power of the plane.

The unthinkable has happened,
As the plane comes crashing in.
War’s declared today,
And this battle you won’t win.

Running down the stairs.
Gasping for breath.
Trying to escape to the light,
From a terrifying death.

Screaming and running,
There is no time to wait.
Another plane’s upon the second Tower,
To deal the same fate.

The Towers are crumbling,
The hurt too much to take.
Is this a nightmare,
From which we all will wake?

Then there is silence,
A world white with dust.
We have to help the injured,
Yes, yes we must!

Listen to calls for help,
Or a faint, buried cry.
It’s impossible to imagine,
That everybody could die.

So, you search through the rubble.
Looking for some signs of life.
You’re looking for her husband,
Their mum or his wife.


There’s nothing.

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