Emae Church


Ode To Them

You are leaving, and I feel so crushed,
It’s like the week has gone and time has rushed.
The days have passed and gone their way,
And Friday has arrived, so I just want to say.

You’ve been such a special friend
And have helped me through the past.
I promise to be your best mate
And to be there to the last.

If you ever feel so lonely
And nobody else is near.
Just call me, and I will send you hugs
And always lend an ear.

You have brought me so much happiness
To my world when sunshine became night;
You were the guide in my world so dark,
You shined with so much light.

So I thank you, my special friend
And wish you so much grace.
I can’t wait to see you again
And look at your beautiful face.



missing you

for always.

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